Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I dalej Show

 Weszlismy pod zadaszek. A tam... modele. :D

 I patchwork....

 I jeszcze jeden... :D

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    1. Hello.
      Thanks so much for visit. :)
      And... On my blogs I'm writing about everything what is more or little bit less important for me. Those my small things that makes my days. Everything what I like or not. My hobbies or places that I really like. Sometimes people are really annoying and I'm writing about it too. Sometimes it can be short tutorial 'how to' make some stitches in knitting or crocheting, or other things, because some of my colleagues ask for that.
      Yeah, I think that mostly on blogs you can find some short thoughts or things. But for me everything what I'm putting here is not exactly private coz internet is not private place. If I want hide some of my thoughts I'm opening my diary. :)
      And finally there is some of the places where you can start bloging e.x.: here on the blogspot (on the top of the page you have button: 'Create blog'), wordpress, multiply, your mobile provider also you can search in your country using your native language. I'm from poland and I'm using as well blox.pl
      All the best :D

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